Trail’s End Club

The Trail’s End Club at F.E. Warren closed Saturday, 11 Oct., due to manning challenges. Friday night lounge operations that have taken place at the Trail’s End Club facility will now be held at the Warren Golf Course effective Friday, 17 Oct., from 1600 to 1830.

Air Force leadership understands the significance of the Trail’s End Club to the military members and their families and has made arrangements with other facilities on base to meet the needs of the base population and Cheyenne community.

Friday night lounge operations at the base golf course will continue to provide light hors d’oeuvres for club members and a full bar to visitors of age. All club members’ monthly rates will decrease to a flat rate of $2 per month due to the pause of normal club operations.

F.E. Warren is committed to serving its military members and their families as well as the retirees in town who enjoy spending their Friday evenings with each other at the Trail’s End Club. Though the location has changed, the importance of this time to relax, network and enjoy each other’s company has not.

A reopening of the Trail’s End Club is still under consideration. However, we will provide further information as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience and support of this change.