Auto Skills Center

(307) 773-3869
1810 Commissary Rd.
Hours of Operation:
Auto Hobby Shop 

Fri and Sat,
10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Hours Beginning March 3
Full Service Hours
Mon – Thu, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Do-It-Yourself Hours
Fri – Sat, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

The Auto Skills Center is a place to maintain your car, and hone your auto hobbies!

FE Warren Automotive Skills Center can help you save on vehicle repairs and maintenance. The NEW full-service shop provides vehicle repairs and up-keep including oil changes, fluid flushes and changes, brakes, tire mounting and balancing, struts, shocks, diagnostics and more. Call after March 6 to make an appointment!

We provide the tools for performing common car maintenance and repair work and knowledgeable staff members are available for guidance and teaching. NEW online diagnostic database, includes vehicle specific wiring diagrams, maintenance information, repair procedures, torque specifications, technical service bulletins, and recalls available to all patrons. 

Lift rental – $10hr (7hr E1-E4)

Tire machine – $10/tire ($7/tire E1-e4)

Tire balancer – $5/tire ($3/tire E1-E4)

Strut compressor – DIY $5/ea ($3/ea E1-E4)- SERVICE – $20/ea

Diagnostic analysis- $30 ($22 E1-E4)

Cooling system leak – DIY $5 + lift rental ($3 E1-E4) – SERVICE – $15 ($11 E1-E4)

Battery/alternator/starter test – DIY $5 + lift rental ($3 e1-e4) – SERVICE – $15 ($11 E1-E4)

Wheel bearing grease – DIY $3 ($2 E1-E4) – SERVICE – $35 ($26 E1-E4)

Hydraulic press – $5 +lift rental ($3 E1-E4)

Transmission or coolant flush- $30 + lift rental ($22 E1-E4)

Battery charge – $5 ($3 E1-E4)

Brake replacement – $40/axle + parts ($30/axle E1-E4)

Drum/hub rotor replacement – $60/axle + parts ($45/axle E1-E4)

Brake inspection – $20 ($15 E1-E4)

Tire Rotation service – $30 ($22 E1-E4)

Auto Skills map

Car Wash
A car wash is open 24 hours a day and is located in Bldg. 727 on Old Glory Road, west of the Education Center. It offers a self help, two bay facility with a multi selection washing process. The car wash takes cash, debit and credit cards. Coin operated vacuums are available.

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