NAF Golf Maintenance Equipment Sale

NAF Golf Maintenance Equipment Sale!

F. E. Warren AFB is offering a sealed bid, bulk sale of golf course maintenance equipment.  Items will not be sold individually.  The equipment is in working condition and have low hours of use and have been stored indoors during the winter.  Items include: 2013 Toro 3250D Greens Mower with 1669 hours; 2008 Toro 3250 Greens Mower with 2092 hours; 2002 1200A John Deere Bunker Rake with 1297 hours; 2002 TC125 John Deere Turf Collection System; Dakota 410 Top Dresser attached to a 2001 Pro Gator; 2008 Toro Reelmaster 5410 Fairway Mower with rollover protection, canopy, and 2615 hours; 2008 Toro 4300D Workman with 880 hours; 2012 Tru-Turf RS48-11C Green Roller with 569 hours; 2013 Toro ProSweep Turf Collection System; 2014 John Deere 8700 Fairway Mower with 487 hours; 2014 Toro Reelmaster 3100D mower with 903 hours; 2014 Toro MultiPro 5800 Sprayer with 378 hours; 2016 Toro ProCore648 Aerator with 66 hours; 2017 Buffalo Turbine BT-CKB4 blower with 38 hours; 2016 Toro Workman GTX Utility Vehicle.

Minimum bid: $72,600. Contact Lisa Kentner at 307-773-2988, with any questions. 

All bids must be dropped off in person, at building 7103 Randall Ave. (Lodging Office), bidding opens 8:00AM on 21 Sep and closes 2:00PM on 2 Oct 2020. 

Bids will be opened 9 Oct 2020 at 9:00AM

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